Contract Packing

G. Owen & sons have been contract packing since the mid 1970’s, when the decision was made to purchase their first pre-packing equipment. With over 35 years of experience and expansion, we now have a range of packaging systems. These include:

We can palletise bagged products, from 2kg up to 50kg. We also offer the services, to pack bulk dumpy bags, ranging from 500kg to 1000kg.

Products Packed

Our range of packaging systems, have allowed us to successfully pack products for a variety of companies, these include Trident Feeds, Bibby Agriculture, Fuel Express, ABN, Carrs Billington and Boys & Boden. Products packed include;

  • Coal
  • Top soil & Compost
  • Garden decorative bark
  • Aggregates
  • Animal feeds

If you have any queries regarding the above services, or would like a quote on a product, please feel free to contact us on 01686 626680, or alternatively email